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  • Category Development editors
  • Program license Free
  • Version 4 Build 4126
  • Size 5.57 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Sublime HQ

Sublime Text understands the most important element when crafting quality code is the code itself, which is why this streamlined code text editor has risen to become one of the most celebrated editors on the market. Instead of relying on fancy interface elements, Sublime Text puts your code front-and-center within its simplified user interface. Crafted to remove distractions so programmers can focus on constructing quality code, Sublime Text is the ideal solution for those seeking a powerful code editor without the bloat and hype of other options.

Sublime Features and Sublime Code

Sublime Text may look too simplistic upon first glance; however, once you dive into this surprisingly robust text editor you’ll soon discover the simple interface does not equate lackluster capabilities. Developed by Sublime HQ Pty Ltd, this shockingly powerful text editor delivers superpower features to support the latest programming requirements. Created to be backwards compatible with older versions of programming languages, this editor can handle not only the newest programming language, but also legacy languages.

One of the most appreciated features is its advanced syntax highlighting engine. This newly updated feature offers non-deterministic grammars, lazy embeds and even multi-line constructs. Moreover, the syntax engine accomplishes all this and more without bogging down your computer. With its revamped memory processing and performance tools, users can create and explore their creations faster than ever before without slowing their computer.

While most text editors feature some version of an auto complete system, few offer the advanced accuracy of the Sublime Text auto complete system. Classified as a context-aware system, this wholly rewritten function offers smart suggestions based upon the unique code in your project. This feature translates to faster and more accurate coding. The advanced features don’t stop there. With GPU rendering, Sublime Text leverages your computer GPU to render code, which means the user interface is not only smoother, but it can now support up to 8K resolutions without demanding more power from your computer processor.

As technology advances so does programming language complexity. When choosing a code text editor, it’s essential to select one capable of evolving with the times. Sublime Text accomplishes this by not only releasing the latest coding API versions, but also ensuring the editor remains backwards compatible with older versions of the language. This is imperative when working on both new and old projects. From its excellent support to the streamlined appearance of the text editor, Sublime Text is what happens when advanced technology meets innovative minimalism.


  • Free text editor capable of handling a variety of programming languages
  • Smart auto-complete based on code type and purpose
  • Advanced rendering capabilities without increasing CPU demands


  • Some of the coolest features require plugins
  • Free version is limited
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